ANC Committee Reports

The following are recommendations and report summaries from ANC 5E's committees. These do not reflect final ANC actions or approval of the matters discussed in the meetings. 

ANC 5E ABCA Committee Reports

May 2024: On Wednesday 5/8 the ABCA committee met to discuss the license renewal for the Big Ben liquor store at the corner of NY Ave and N. Capitol St NW. Two out of three members were present at the meeting, and Commissioner Robinson-Paul joined for part of the discussion. After discussing the problems with public drinking in front of the store, the committee voted 2-0 to approve the renewal, and recommended that the ANC pursue an agreement with the store that limits the sale of single serving beers and liquor bottles. 

January 2024: The ABCA committee met on 1/10 to discuss the Cloud 9 medical cannabis license application. Two members out of four were present. Both voted in favor of the application. One member who could not attend also voted in favor over email.

December 2023: The ANC 5E ABCA Committee met on Dec. 13th, 2023 to discuss the Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant license application for O’Kabul Street Food & Restaurant at 101 Rhode Island Avenue, N.W., License No. ABRA-126820. With 2 of 4 members present, the committee voted unanimously to protest the license."

ANC 5E Transportation & Safety Committee Reports